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» Ravana | Lavander Beds | W20 | P3 «
» Ravana | Goblet | W5 | P13 «
» Ravana | Goblet | W5 | Sultana's Breath Apartments «


Meaning; One of a kind:
The Apurva Spire Gpose Studio is built upon the belief that every moment, no matter how ordinary, carries a story worth telling. We strive to provide a platform where imagination knows no bounds, and where digital artistry and photography intertwine to create captivating visual tales.
Our vision is to redefine photography by blending virtual aesthetics with real-world emotions, producing art that resonates with both gamers and art enthusiasts alike.
Each set offers a unique backdrop, from minimalist to vintage and ethereal.
Join us in this sophisticated space to elevate your gpose and let your artistic visions flourish!
✦ Use our twt hashtag #StudioApurva OR Join our discord server to add your gposes into their respective thread!✦

Terms of Service

✦ Please credit and use the hashtag #StudioApurva on twitter for any photos taken in the venue.
✦ Magic overdose friendly!
✦ SFW and NSFW accepted.
✦ No depiction of lewd/NSFW Lalafells in my setups
✦ Requests for setup changes are not accepted.

» Ravana | Lavander Beds | W20 | P3 «

» Ravana | Goblet | W5 | P13 «

» Ravana | Goblet | W5 | Apartments «

ravana Lavander Beds w20|p3
[Garden sets]

ravana Lavander Beds w20|p3
[Indoor Sets]

Please ./doze at the top of the stairs in front of the Titania Wings

ravana Goblet w5|p13
[Garden Sets]

ravana Goblet w5|p13
[Main Floor Sets]

ravana Goblet w5|p13
[Private Room Sets]

Private Chamber 1 - B/W Background and Spotlights

Private Chamber 2 - Various Ornalmental Mini Sets

Private Chamber 5 - Ornalmental Floral Sets

Private Chamber 6 - Immersive Themed Sets

Private Chamber 7 - Themed Decor Sets

Ravana Goblet w5
[Private Room Sets]

Apartment 002 - Themed Sets

Apartment 003 - Themed Set

Apartment 004 - Themed Sets

Apartment 005 - Themed Sets


We invite you to join us on this exciting journey where imagination knows no bounds and every click of the shutter captures not just a moment, but an entire universe of emotion and creativity.

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